Spiritual poverty and material poverty are completely different. Compelled by the gospel of Jesus Christ, Abundant Life Center – Malawi (ALC) addresses both types of poverty.

In rural Malawi, ALC demonstrates the gospel by feeding malnourished children and sharing how much they are loved by God and the ALC staff. The children learn about Jesus, the Bible, prayer, worship songs, the alphabet and numbers, and more. The community sees how their children are loved and are drawn to three community centers. ALC staff teaches, counsels, mentors and provide skills training as well as outreach to the surrounding villages. Customs and traditions are changing as communities join in:

 Bible studies for chiefs, men, women, youth and children
 Elevating the status of women and young girls through education and job skills training
 Ending child marriages
 Education for children ages 2 to 6

Help can be provided as a one-time gift or monthly donation. Below are some of the ways your dollar can be used:

$3 per month can feed one child.
$15 per month can provide education and supplies for a young girl.
$75 could purchase a pig to help a woman become economically independent
$250 could purchase a sewing machine for women’s ministry
$1,215 per month could completely staff one Abundant Life Center.
$2,000 per month could provide community development for women, chiefs and youth.

End poverty and malnutrition, feed a child. Join us in transforming communities one life at a time.


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