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Act4You is a service that Links International offers, whereby we will operate as an umbrella charity to individuals and organizations who are focused on particular domestic and overseas projects, but who do not want all the hassle and regulation of forming and running their own charity, having to sort out payments abroad and all the other requirements needed to form a charity.

Many of the people we serve are either churches, businesses or individual missionaries who arrange for support to come through Links, or have an interest in a particular project overseas and are busy raising money for it to then be sent out where needed on the field. 

The account holder is required to complete an application that will be submitted to our Board of Directors for review. 

In return for the service we offer we take a small fee to cover the administration involved, plus a processing fee. Typically this is between 5% and 10% depending on the amount of work involved and the level of traffic actually going through the account.

"Act4You has changed our lives. We can now focus 100% on the work that God has called us to do! Our time has been freed up from administration and the ongoing drain of dealing with the daily finances, to where we now are able to focus on seeing the church and communities that we are working with amongst the urban poor thrive. We are so grateful to Links International for serving us through this amazing ministry!"

If you would like to find out more about how this ministry could help you, please contact us.

To apply, please fill out our Act4You Application and email it to us for review.