According to UNICEF’s, all children must have access to primary education that is free, compulsory and of good quality. Education is one of the major keys to ensuring that we win the battle against poverty. When children receive an education, a basic human right, they immediately become far less susceptible to the evils that poverty breeds and are instantly empowered to go further than their parent's generation. Knowledge used correctly is power.

Tragically so much of what we see in education amongst the materially poor is done in a way to transmit information to help a child pass a test, but not in a way that genuinely empowers them with that knowledge. We are working with our partners around the world who have a particular focus on education, helping them to develop smarter ways to impart knowledge. Clearly an educated world is a healthier and more humane world for all.

Education enhances job opportunities, helping households to escape poverty. Educated men and women are more likely not just to be employed, but to hold jobs that are secure and provide good working conditions and decent pay....As well as helping lift households out of poverty permanently, education guards against them falling – or falling back – into poverty.
— Unesco.org


As followers of Jesus we believe that he reveals the ultimate leadership qualities of servanthood, living out of love and humility as opposed top fear and pride. This kind of leadership grows oneself and others around.

In Links our aim is to raise up servant leaders, who will confront the status quo. It has been exciting to see how villages and Chiefdoms have been transformed as Chiefs and Head Tribesman have grown in honesty, integrity, stewardship and servanthood.

We believe that when the leaders change, the whole culture follows!

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus.
— Martin Luther King


Perhaps one of the greatest responsibilities on Earth is to lead the Church, we are supposed to be a representation of Heaven on earth and how God as Father leads. Yet tragically there has been much taught and written about church leaderships that has caused more harm than help.

What the world needs is more servants who will take the lead and more leaders who will be willing to serve. Links’ training aims to help leaders move from serving out of pride and fear, to a place where they are leading with love and humility. Through both practical and spiritual skills we have seen church communities grow from strength to strength as a culture of serving one another is established.





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