Mission as She Does It

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One of our greatest joys is helping people see how they live their everyday life can have an impact on the world. We met Sheila (She) when she was transitioning from a career in the corporate world to launching her business called "Life as She Does It."She brings a unique blend of talent that She offers in several different areas. She Sings. She writes. She cooks. She speaks.

One of her most popular services is She's-Tox, which is a detox/cleanse that helps people jump-start a journey to health and wellness from the inside-out. Holly and I include She's-Tox into our rhythm several times a year. We have found it really helps us develop better habits and feel a lot better. She's-Tox isn't a box of pills or strange drinks, it's a way of life that comes with Sheila as your personal coach. On top of that Sheila and Holly have written a devotional guide to encourage you as you work through it.

As Sheila learned more about our work with Links, She started to ask how She could help out. Not only has She provided amazing catering for several of our events(including African-themed dishes), she donates a portion of every She's-Tox to Links. Every time a person makes a choice to increase their overall health, they are also making a choice to serve the least of these around the world.

We are grateful for this partnership with Life As She Does It, and it's a perfect example of how what you do every day can make a difference around the world among those who need it the most.

It is popular right now for businesses to want to have a "DO GOOD" cause they can support, and Links has many good options for that.If you would like to talk about a way you could engage missionally through your business, we can design a project that fits in the space of your expertise, or we can tell you about some current needs. It's a way to go on a mission without having to leave your current context.

Thanks for taking the time to stay up-to-date on our Links activities. Let us know if there's anything we can do for you!

For more information about Life As She Does It, click here.

Jason Bollinger