Our Impact

Over the years we have seen how what appears to be our seemingly insignificant loaves and fish, have actually been able to, in the hands of God, bring transformation to multitudes. Now at work in over 60 nations we have been privileged to see many thousands of families set free and communities transformed.

Sometimes that transformation is economic. We have seen thousands of families set free from extreme poverty through business development. Individuals who overcame the challenges of competition by going into wholesale business and who today buy and sells property. We have seen over and over again the entrepreneurial spirit come to life as people are given a 'hand up' into their potential.

Communities where infant mortality rates were innumerable have been totally changed through Community Healthcare Development. Mothers and fathers are no longer having to bury their babies because of malnutrition or water-bourne diseases that should not be tolerated in our day and age.

From Latin America, to Africa, to Asia we have been privileged to work with local leaders both learning from their expertise and being able to impart skills in the areas of leadership development. As everything rises and falls on leadership we have seen that when the business leaders, church leaders and community leaders get better so do their organizations and spheres of influence.

Over the years we have seen:

  • Over 3000 families set free from poverty and stay out of poverty through micro-enterprise in Uganda alone

  • Thousands of churches established through our partners in Asia

  • Infant mortality rates drop substantially in the communities where Community Healthcare training has been carried out

  • Clean water provided for hundreds of families and communities in Africa and Latin America

  • Leaders developed across the world, bringing long term sustainable transformation

And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth
— Matthew 16:19