SANITATION is an ongoing problem that affects approximately 2.3 billion people in the world. Our training helps educate communities about safe water and ways to prevent water-born illnesses such as malaria. 

Water connects every aspect of life. Access to safe water and sanitation can quickly turn problems into potential – unlocking education, work opportunities, and improved health for women, children and families across the world.

HYGIENE is a serious and dangerous issue affecting millions. Simple hygiene education can help save lives. We seek to provide training of individuals and communities to help reduce the risk of hygiene-related illnesses and death from such diseases as Malaria, Typhoid, HIV/AIDS, other STDs, and more illnesses due to hygiene-related issues.

1 million people are killed by water, sanitation and hygiene-related disease each year

IMMUNIZATIONS are desperately needed around the world. A simple vaccine could save lives and prevent the spread of illness in impoverished countries.

An estimated 19.5 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines.
— World Health Organization

NUTRITION education is of the utmost importance in the loves of the people we serve across the world. Awareness and education, as well as, resources could help stop disease and death. 

More than one billion children are severely deprived of at least one of the essential goods and services they require to survive, grow and develop—these include nutrition, water, sanitation facilities, access to basic health-care services, adequate shelter, education and information. As a result almost 9.2 million children under-five die every year. A further 3.3 million babies are stillborn.
— World Health Organization

EMPOWERMENT can go a long way in helping prevent death due to sanitation, immunization, hygiene & nutrition-related deaths. With dignity and education, we can provide the necessary training and tools needed to break this cycle of poverty and preventable death.

Can you help us stop this global crisis? 





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